Posted on Oct 27, 2020


Why We're The Top Bail Bondsman Near You!

Our Danville, Chatham, or Yanceyville bail bonds agent provides you with valuable information on how to post bail bonds and give you several options to choose from such as:

🔸Using a licensed bail bonds agent who will charge you only 10% of the bond amount
🔸Posting cash for the full amount of the bond
🔸Use of real property such as home or land

Apex Bail Bonds offers you the most accessible and most affordable choice to solve your bail bond issues. Call us at 434-548-2739 to schedule an appointment or stop by our Danville bail bonding office located just steps away from the Danville City Jail.

⭐️Looking for an expert bail bondsman with experience posting both large and small bonds? Fred Shanks, IV is the only bail bondsman in the area to successfully post a $1 Million Dollar Bond and regularly posts six figure bonds throughout VA and NC. ⭐️

Call 434-548-2739 to speak to Fred now and let him secure your release no matter the size of the bond!

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