Posted on Nov 24, 2020


Co-Signing a Danville Bail Bond - Apex Bail Bonds

Thinking about bonding someone out of the Danville City Jail but not sure what it means to co-sign a bail bond in Danville?

Here is a quick overview by our experience Danville bail bondsman on what co-signing a bail bond really means:

A co-signer is an indemnitor. An indemnitor is someone who assumes the risk associated with the bond, and must later indemnify the parties that lost out when a defendant doesn’t return to court.

Those parties would be the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the licensed Danville bail bonds company you used, such as Apex Bail Bonds.

That means if a defendant skips court on a $2,500 bond, the co-signer, or indemnitor, will have to make the courts “whole again” by paying the full bond amount of $2,500 on the defendant’s behalf.

It works this way because as a co-signer, you are assuming the risk that the court is taking by allowing the defendant to go free while awaiting trial.

Every Danville bail bonds service will have difference requirements for their co-signers, but most requirements are the same no matter which bondsman you use.

Call an Apex bail bondsman so we can qualify you right away and get your friend or family member out of jail fast!


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